Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Several years ago, I took a “Finding Voice” training by Sharon Bridgforth. That, in combination with mentoring by Terry Galloway in Actual Lives, is what turned me from a writer to a Writer and did, indeed, help me find my voice. Sharon had done this work for herself decades earlier. Her writing for performance is a national treasure. You should never miss a chance to see her work or learn from her. Below is one piece speaking to my life:


they say i do not deserve a child
say people like me should not
mother devilish influence
they say

my own mother say i'm gonn
die and burn in hell
burn in hell for what i'm doing

i say to her my own mother
since you ain't never been to my house/don't
know nothing bout my friends/ain't
had the pleasure of my lover's sunday
conversations what is it
you know bout
what i'm doing
thats so bad you would curse me/your
own child

she says it's a crime and a sin
punishable by god and man
to be homo sex ual

i say
then punish me

they say i do not deserve
a baby but i have one
and she is the most
perfect joy poopie diapers
and late night cries she
belches in my face/dribbles
on my clothes is always
on my hip/and i love her with
all my heart
i watch her as she sleeps/kiss
her when she wakes and/i knowing
a miracle when i see one would gladly
give my life for hers if God should
demand that exchange.

if two people a couple/share
this type of love for one of God's
babies does the gender of the couple
really matter?

i asked my God
and She said

© Sharon Bridgforth, from "Voices In The Dark", by Geecheee'd Out Press, 1992

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