Tuesday, January 13, 2004



Chet Huntley - David Brinkley
Joey Heatherton - Lance Rentzel
Hugh Beaumont - Barbara Billingsley
Eddie Corbett - Mrs. Livingston
Jayne Mansfield - Mickey Hargitay
Agent 99 - Maxwell Smart
Julie Nixon - David Eisenhauer
Claudine Longet - Spider Sabich
Elinor Donahue - Billy Gray

Bonus question: Muscle-man Mickey Hargitay and bombshell Jane Mansfield were the parents of Mariska Hargitay, star of Law and Order

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shadocat said...

I got all of them right on BOTH quizzes---does that say I'm smart or Queen of the Nerd People?

My first female "facinations" (couldn't face the word "crush" then)---Mrs. Peel, Honey West, and Agent 99. Oh, and Maggie Evans from "Dark Shadows".

Mariska H. ---closest thing to a fantasy girl right now. Of course, she's straight. What a waste...