Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Here's the weekly best of what I've gleaned from I Can Has Cheezburger efforts. There are some really creative folks out there.




Just et a bean and sausage burrito followed by peach crisp. Jessica the nurse has been and gone. My pulse ox was 84% after having been off O2 for an hours, so am leaving it on again today. I am so exhausted I have trouble writing simple sentences.

The sleep study has been delayed another week, paperwork issues. I hope they don't ask for the copay up front. The MD I recently left behind in favor of the new one has gotten months' worth of bills ready (funny how they had the staff to get right on that, but not to answer my health need calls, etc) so I am suddenly out an extra $150.

Some good news is that I found a temporary work-around for the "upgrade" the folks at I Can Haz Cheesburgr inflicted on their own site last week, which made made it impossible to see all the raw LOLCats flowing in. It was that stream I trawled looking for my weekly round-up. They made the change allegedly to interface between with FB, but as with all FB changes, it was bound to have a crap result on their actual users. I went to google to find other disgruntled consumers and discovered a so-far usable back-door. After I post this, I'll go assemble a LOLCat post for this week and get that up as well. Then to sleep without real rest again.