Friday, September 14, 2007


(From Ashley Bryan's ABC of African-American Poetry)

Remember how sometimes in school you were told to write a letter to yourself in the future, that the teacher would mail to you in X number of years? Well, you can do it now via e-mail at FutureMe. Pick a time in the future and use an e-mail you think you'll still have then. If you need to change your e-mail in the future, they offer a feature for that as well. FutureMe states "At we are based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails. We strive for accuracy. You can also write letters to other people, and you can release the contents of your letter (with your name and e-mail concealed) for public viewing.) So far, they have 458,381 letters written to the future and counting...

From the Cat and Girl comic archives:

I took the pseudonym test. Here are my results (but you can call me Pepper) -- what're yours?
Mary Ripley
Mary Typing
Mary Ghandi
Miriam Eugene
Nancy Hepburn-Austin (0)

(Image from Rashani Rea's Dharma Gaia Cards)

For all of you who are parents, or appreciate parenting, check out this hilarious cartoon by Austin Kleon titled "Golfing with God".

A joke via Prairie Home Companion:

Q: How many amoebas does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: One. No, two. Four! Eight! Sixteen! Thirty-two! 64! 128! 256!


Blue said...

I wrote a letter to myself as part of a 10th grade English class project. I gave it to the teacher, and forgot about it for a decade. When I was 27, it arrived in the mail - she was sending everyone's letters! I have it somewhere - I should post it.

The only thing I really remember is telling myself to remember my youthfulness - not to let the stresses of adulthood make me too tired to feel wonder and joy.

Maggie Jochild said...

I hope you do post it. Folks, if you click on Blue's name here, it'll lead you to her excellent Blue Ox Blog -- it's also in my list of sites I read daily.