Saturday, October 6, 2007


From The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

I miss Cheers and Jeers something awful. Come back soon, Bill in Portland Maine!

Also, Bionic Woman sucks. But Pushing Daisies is extraordinary -- as good as Dead Like Me.


By Fnordy as channeled by little gator

In Flanders Field the poppies grow,
But why they grow there I don't know.
I sprayed them all with Roundup so
I wouldn't have a field to mow.

My little horse must think I'm queer
When I attack him from the rear.
The horsie might be right, I fear,
But that's another verse. Oh deer!

I am mysterious and deep.
I'd like to go molest a sheep.
My thoughts are tangled in a heap,
But back to Flanders Field they leap.

And now I'm back where poppies bloom
In Flanders Field, that place of doom,
Where bursting shells went "boom, boom, BOOM!
This peom's finished, I presume.

with due credit and/or apologies to John MacRae, Robert Frost, Vachel Lindsay, and Henry Stanley

Kat got a chance this weekend to tour the new Industrial Light and Magic headquarters in San Francisco. She apparently had an interlude with R2D2. Here's hoping she doesn't give birth to an espresso machine in nine months.


little gator said...

Gashlycrumb lolcats:

little gator said...

ps: Titus in the Ghashlycrumb LOLcats is one of the original Viking Kittens.

kat said...

Is there a test at the drugstore to find out if one is carrying an espresso machine?

Also, is the period of gestation the same for droids as for people?

Let's not even begin to contemplate the consequences of Boyfriend kissing the Han-Solo-Frozen-in-Carbonite incident.....let's just say, he can now never be in congress!!

Gator, the Gashlycrumb lolcats are great!!

kat said...

p.s. have you seen Weeds? I just rented the first season, and it's beyond hysterical.