Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The Eighth Carnival of Radical Feminists is up at One Salford Feminist, and Pippa knocks our socks off with her reviews (what is it about Brit feminists, they are the technicolor version of us, so very attractive!) She singles out a few of my posts last month for mention -- Who Were The Witches?, Life in a Wheelchair, Disability 101, and Broad Cast 8 November 2007. (Thanks, Pippa, really). But honestly, you need to go read through ALL of the selections, it's a monthly treat that's better than dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling.

I was particularly excited to discover the interview with Cathy Cade, a lesbian photographer whom I knew (a little) in the Bay Area and whose work has utterly shaped our movement -- you've seen her photos, whether you know it or not.

When I was living on the land collective in Durango, I ran across a black and white photo in some book or magazine that was of two young lesbians in a park. One was sitting on a bench, and the other was kneeling in front of her. They were either fighting or having an intense discussion, but the love between them was palpable. The one sitting was tall, had a blonde buzz-cut and was wearing cut-off overalls, with hairy legs and boots. Her lover was shorter, darker, with small glasses and her hand tenderly on her lover's knee. I completely identified with the kneeling woman, and I wanted to go find a lover exactly like the blonde woman in overalls. They remained my model of what lesbians should look like for at least the next decade. It wasn't until 20 years later that I found out Cathy Cade took that photograph.

Here's a few of the other topics covered in this Carnival (I'm not going to list the links here because I MEAN IT, go over there and read for yourself):
The military invasion of the Northern Territory Aboriginal communities.
The Truth About Planned Parenthood.
U.S. Board of Immigration: FGM Not Grounds for Asylum.
Sexually Vulnerable Black Women: Can America Empathize?
Pornification of Halloween. (great fodder for those of us were discussing this at Maoist Orange Cake) -- and
Crochet Vulva!

Feminism builds strong bodies and minds twelve ways. Eat up.

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