Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The Ninth Festival of Radical Feminists went up today at Unconventional Beauty, and I urge you to read not just the excellent blogs and posts honored there, but also (and especially) La Doctorita's introductions and reviews of each. She really dispenses justice and analysis. Here's how she began her post:

"when i first learned that the ninth carnival of radical feminists would take place on christmas eve, it seemed like a strange juxtaposition: a celebration of female thought, power, and expression sharing the night with a celebration of male-centric religion and rampant consumerism. after some thought, however, i can draw two meanings from this confluence of events: first, that both recognize the power of female creation, and that the radfem carnival can fuel a reinterpretation of our preconceived notions of christmas; and secondly, that the radfem carnival can illuminate and stand in opposition to the holiday’s materialistic and misogynistic tendencies."

And the first blog she mentions is Allecto talking about Firefly and Serenity. I read all of the essays and posts offered by this remarkable Carnival each month, and always find my mind and heart expanded. It's a serious gift these Carnival hosters offer us.

Oh, and yes, three of my posts from last month are honored:
Claiming Your People: Think Big
Hate Crimes and the War on Terror
Finding The Empty Spaces in Immigration Rhetoric

But go read the others. Your big gift under the tree.

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