Wednesday, January 23, 2008


(Metal sculpture by Frank Plant)


Kat, a regular commenter and sometime poster here as well as at Maoist Orange Cake has plunged into running her own blog at BitchCraft. Focusing on feminism, music, and geekiness, Kat made her first venture as part of Blog for Choice, and a wonderful start it is. Give her some sugar, ya'll. And, to remind you, another Maoist Orange Caker and commenter here, Shadocat, has had her own blog for a while (despite being caught up in new grandmotherhood) at Ma Vie in KC. We blog, therefore we deserve Cake.

(F es por Fanny succionado hasta secarse por una sanguijuela)

I re-read Edward Goreyk's Gashlycrumb Tinies regularly, for the morbid thrill of it all. I've now discovered there's a version online (from Argentina) in Spanish. !Cubra los ojos de sus niños!

One of the blogs I check out and enjoy regularly, Homo Academicus, has written a biting commentary on the study in the January issue of Developmental Psychology, a journal of the American Psychological Association, which declares (as if it is breathtaking new information) "Bisexuality is a stable identity, not just a phase." Do tell.

Natasha's analysis is not to be missed. Go read it, but here's a sample:

"Bisexuality is maligned by both the gay and the straight camps. They are described as being fence-sitters, too scared to come right out and admit to being gay. Bisexual men especially are often suspected of being semi-closeted homos. ... Bisexuals who end up in long term relationships with someone of the other sex are often attacked by gay folks for their ability to enjoy heterosexual privilege, while being dismissed by straight folks as having gone through a bisexual phase and thankfully emerged 'normal.' Bisexuals are called greedy and sex-crazed, as if their love of sex is so great they just can’t help hopping into bed with whoever offers. They are suspected of being incapable of holding down long term relationships, accused of being unable to resist the draw of whichever genitalia their partner doesn’t have."

Right ON, sistah.

An article by Roni Caryn Rabin in the New York Times declares In the Fatosphere, Big Is In, or at Least Accepted. It begins:

"Blogs written by fat people — and it’s fine to use the word, they say — have multiplied in recent months, filling a virtual soapbox known as the fatosphere, where bloggers calling for fat acceptance challenge just about everything conventional medical wisdom has to say about obesity."

The excellent piece goes on to quote one of our heras, Kate Harding, founder of Shapely Prose (long linked in my sidebar), who says “One of the first obstacles to fat acceptance is breaking down the question of whether being fat is a choice. No fat acceptance advocate is saying you should sit around and wildly overeat. What we’re saying is that exercise and a balanced diet do not make everyone thin.”

In a recent post, I referred to the phenomenon known as "droplifting" or "shopdropping", where items for sale which have been altered for reasons of politics, promotion or art are placed back on store shelves to be discovered by random consumers. Weburbanist has a great recent examination of this activity. In addition to some wonderful images, they have two videos to enjoy, A Beginner's Guide to Shopdropping (which I think would be especially fun to watch with an adolescent), and Mixed Messages: A Shop Dropping Intervention.

And, for your pleasure, more ICanHazCheesburgr images from the singular mind of little gator, not LOLCats per se (LOLCritters?) but in that zany genre. Remove liquids from your mouth before viewing (after the fold).


little gator said...

testing. cause I've been losing blogcomments.

little gator said...

it worked this time.

I have to admit I was not responsible for #2(turtle) and the last one (baby birds.) And while I did caption Gollum's babies I think they were hairless cats.

Anwyay, Maggie, you have a talent for choosing those of my creations I myself like best! Thank you again.

not by me either:
Ghashleycrumb lols-too long for one line so it may need tweaking.

Maggie Jochild said...

little gator, thanks for the clarification. I should just start saving your LOLCats contributions to their own file, instead of the general file I use now -- that way, I'll know which are yours. Aside from the evil intelligence, I mean. And the fact that I love so hard I choke when they show up in my e-mail.

Best of all time, in terms of the choke factor, was the dogs doing "Can you hear me now?"

I have the Gashlycrumb Tinies for Cats already up at my site here, under Dinah's little section at the bottom. But I'll re-cast it here in a clickable form. Gashlycrumb Tinies for Cats

Hey, if your comments get lost, send them to me via e-mail so (1) I know and (2) I can post them for you directly.

Maggie Jochild said...

Well, that was an interesting error. I meant to say "LAUGH so hard I choke" instead of "love so hard". Sounds kinda porny. Ick.

kat said...

I'm really glad the study on bisexuality is getting some attention. I'm really fucking sick of that "oh, was it just a phase?" or worse yet "you just had to find the right man" bullshit. Thanks for posting that.
plus for your kind words, of course!

shadocat said...

Maggie- thanks do much for mentioning my blog; and now, I must check out kat's!