Monday, April 21, 2008


I know a lot of you out there don't live in the Austin area, but I still have to plug this event from the Center for African-American Studies at the University of Texas. I've had the chance to see Daniel Alexander Jones' work, and I can't recommend it enough. (One of his workshops helped me create my artist's statement and was a factor in the launch of my fiction writing.)

In addition, Dr. Joni Jones/Omi Osun Olomo is a bright and shining star across the country, and I had the opportunity to learning Sharon Bridgforth's Finding Voice method with Florinda Bryant, another stunning talent, so this is a convergence of genius as far as I am concerned.

Dr. Jones is the partner of Sharon Bridgforth, and I want to take this chance also to remind you all that Sharon's latest tour-de-force, the Love Conjure Blues text installation, is available for booking. If you haven't seen her, move heaven and earth to do so. Honest to g*d, you can't do better.

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