Saturday, April 5, 2008


(Peppers at Pike Place Market)

A question for Ginny Bates readers:

I'm reaching a point (in the next two weeks or so) when I will reach the limit of continuous exposition in the novel for a period of a few years. I simply haven't written this section yet. I know what's going to happen, and have notes. But beginning in 2009, the novel starts having gaps, sometimes for entire years, with intermittent skips until around 2018, where the written draft kicks back in and goes on, with a few small gaps, until the end of this part of the saga in June 2020. (There is yet another book planned, featuring the grandchildren, but I haven't allowed myself to start on that yet.)

My question to you is: Would you rather I leave the gap and go on posting what I've got, or do you want me to refrain from posting the novel until the interim section is written and it will be a narrative whole?

If your answer is go on posting, do you want small notes about what has occurred in the interim that will give away plot development but also keep you from possibly being confused? I'd keep these summaries as succinct as possible -- for example:

February 2009 -- Once the new Democratic President is safely in office, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg conceals an Uzi beneath her robes and opens fire on SCOTUS, taking out everybody but Souter and Breyer. As she is led away in cuffs, she yells "For the soul of America!" Ginny and her father have a big fight about the morality of this.

Let me know in comments. Thanks.


Liza Cowan said...

I don't like skipping ahead, but I love reading Ginny.

Simply, I don't know.

shadocat said...

I say go on posting; I can catch up later.

Jesse Wendel said...

Make the skip.

Don't give us the teasers. Either we figure it out from context or we don't.

I think it's especially important that you do skip ahead right now, because until after the election, how can you possibly know what to write -- or what to tease?

Just skip far enough out that current politics are not the issue.

My $.02 cents.