Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have this giant cache of LOLHumor pix sitting, waiting for the weekly installment, and nothing else ready for a post. So I'm going to give you all a second batch this week -- those of you who hate this, just ignore it. Those of you who can't get enough, consider it a bit of Aries excess (you know how we have to overlook that).

As usual, the ones up top are by the irrepressible little gator. See you all Saturday.

Riffs on metaphysics and spirituality:

Riffs on pop music:

Riffs on television, movies and theater:

AND Two riffs on the same photo:


letsdance said...

Aries??? Why did I think you are/ were a Leo?

Maggie Jochild said...

I AM a Leo. Merely commenting on my sister firesigns.