Friday, July 4, 2008


I have a new hard drive.

Still facing loss of most of what was on the old one, but at least I can work again.

And, for those who are having much greater troubles in the world, here's the latest word about the Big Sur Fire as it affects Emile Norman, whom I posted about here ten days ago, from his website:

Current Status about the Big Sur Fire
7/4/08 am - The fire has still not reached Highway 1 in our area. We continue to watch and wait. Emile's house has been prepared as best as possible to survive should the fire cross the highway and move towards the ridge. Good thoughts, prayers, smudges and all beneficent sharings of spirit short of small animal sacrifices sent our way are appreciated. :] All of Big Sur has now been evacuated and Emile has safely moved to town.

Thank you for your concern and your patience!

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