Friday, July 18, 2008


Jesse is my hero. We went out last night on an Important Errand which involved my underwear and making sure we had enough single dollar bills. I'll say no more.

I am my own hera, too.

The sky east of Austin held a gorgeous full moon last night. Too bad you couldn't see it from where you were.

On arriving home, I carried a large bag of Purina cat show. Dinah has been struggling the last several days to subsist on pricey canned food, which she loathes and abominates. Filling her autofeeder with rackety multicolored kibble meant she actually allowed me to sleep for five hours at a stretch.

I'm soon to be back out there. Voy a decir a usted más tarde.

P.S. The graphics on this are cheesy, but Joan Jett ROCKS (as always), and this is my theme song for today.


Liza Cowan said...

Underwear and single dollar bills? Don't tell me you decided to perform at a strip joint!

Hope your having a blast at NetRoots.

kat said...

oh my.....I'm trying to think of all the different uses for dollar bills and underwear, and none of them is good....

oh, wait, I've got it! Laundromat?