Thursday, October 30, 2008


It was a bumper crop on David Letterman last night. He reprised a stunt he does regularly, sending large numbers of people dressed in particular costumes into a business near his recording studio and filming the reactions -- i.e., how many Spidermans can we fit into a Jamba Juice? But this time, it was how many women dressed as Sarah Palin can we fit into a Lenscrafters?

Usually nobody notices or reacts. Which is the joke.

Last night, however, after sending in three different Sarah Palins, all of whom stood primly in the front glass doorway facing the camera across the sidewalk, Dave sendd in another two Sarah Palins at once. At this point (up to 5 Palins in view), people on the street start pointing it out to each other. One guy stops to take a photo of his own. An employee of Lenscrafters, an uptight-looking white guy in a suit, is moved to action. Instead of talking to the Sarah Palins, however, he comes out, notices the guy with the camera, and goes to him, apparently thinking he must be behind he stunt. Amazing, how sexism works: It must be the nearest man in charge, not the phalanx of women actually doing the action themselves.

As this is going on behind the manager's back, Dave sends in seven more Sarah Palins. The guy with the camera apparently argues "Hey, it's not me", and the manager notices another bystander also taking a photo. Agitated, he finally turns to go back into Lenscrafters and discovers there are now 16 Sarah Palins clustered in the front of the store.

Dave has now run out of Sarah Palin costumes. He sends in a dog and two space aliens. The manager disappears into the back of the Lenscrafters. Dave sends in the remaining eight folks, dressed as (among other things) a cowboy, a football player, Jesus, Superman, Ironman, and a fat Spiderman.

Enjoy it while you can. Dave also had Alec Baldwin as a guest last night, who talked about his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live and meeting Sarah Palin. He called her Bible Spice. You can watch that segment here.

Sarah Palin NOPE poster

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kat said...

"There must be a man in charge"...well, yeah, it was a man in charge, but the manager chose the wrong one!

Anyway, what's great is when the guy is berating the passerby, more sneak in. That's one of those movie tricks that you think would never in a million years work in real life. You imagine the writers sitting around saying "So then, when the evil guy turns his back, James Bond will sneak in" and you roll your eyes and go "yeah, right..."
In this case, though, it totally worked!

Boyfriend and I recently, uh...."aquired" cable (in other words, don't ask us if we're paying for it...), which means that we're glued to "The Daily Show." Jon Stewart has been absolutely hysterical this week. If the shows are on YouTube, check out last night's and the one from Tuesday night.

I don't think he'll have as much amazing material once the election is over, though. Even if I'm getting tired of election mania, I'll be sad for there not to be such great jokes.

Blue said...

Oh. My. God.

Rarely do I actually LOL. As in, sit with my laptop in my lap at 6 a.m. when I'm grumpy from insomnia, and laugh my ass off.

Bible Spice!

Thank you for this review.