Friday, December 12, 2008


Alex Trebek and Minstrel Boy
Hey, ya'll, exciting news: One of my cowriters at Group News Blog, Minstrel Boy, had just been a contestant on Jeopardy and will be appearing on the show next week, Wednesday, December 16th (you should check your local listings to verify). I can't wait to see him in action.

You can read what he has to say about it in advance in his post at GNB. Brainy guy, as well as the writer of my favorite literature these days. He also blogs at his own space, Harp and Sword.

Other good news is that GNB has added a new staff writer, DrBopperTHP, to our masthead. He's a longtime favorite of mine from his comments, so I expect the quality to continue increasing over there. Give him a shout out when you get a chance.

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Sue Katz said...

I'm upset that a woman of your talents (or anyone on earth, really) is having trouble putting food on the table. The sites that are publishing you should be paying you a decent sum for your wonderful work.
In admiration,