Sunday, December 28, 2008


(Phoebe Buffay singing "Smelly Cat")

Last night Jesse and I were in hysterics on the phone singing "Smelly Cat" a la Phoebe Buffay's music video. Jesse was especially good at imitating the sultry back-up singers repeating "smelly, smelly, smelly, smelly cat" while I wailed "It's not your faullllt!"

Today a good friend (with a long background as a management consultant) wrote me about Lisa Kudrow's latest body of work, which I'd not seen. She plays a "web therapist" named Fiona Wallace, and I'm happy to say this new character clearly proves Phoebe was not just a product of stellar writing. Here's the link to one episode, titled "Psycho Analysis", costarring the extraordinary Jane Lynch (whom I can never forget for her portrayal of the butch dog handler in Best In Show). Enjoy. Then go take a relaxed dump, for g*d's sakes, people.

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