Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(Graphic provided by ZenComix.)

I'm celebrating Blogroll Amnesty Day today for the first time. For a full explanation, see the originator Jon Swift. The short version is, it's a chance for bigger blogs to promote smaller blogs whom they read and/or wish to support. But I'm a small blog, so I'm employing the caveat that it doesn't have to be smaller than me: It just has to be choice blogs for whom I'd like to blow a celebratory horn.

Below is my "Check These Out" list. Not all of these blogs publish every day, or even every week. But I love each and every post they produce, I learn from them, I find my energy and spirits raised by reading them. Some of these bloggers have become my (cyber)friends because of exchanges we make to each other's blogs. And, it just so happens, they are all blogs created by women. Go figure.

Flip Flopping Joy mastheadFlip Flopping Joy -- by BrownFemiPower (whom I discovered at La Chola because of last year's B.A.D.): BFP writes about everything pertaining to the human condition, from a WOC, no limits perspective. She IS the leading edge, the event horizon.

Liza Cowan in greef scarf January 2007 See Saw -- by Liza Cowan at Pine Street Art Works, Burlington, Vermont: About art + retail, plus politics, pop culture, and did we mention art?

Sue Katz Sue Katz: Consenting Adult -- by Sue Katz: Frank talk, critical views and a belly laugh now and again

Ojibway Migis Bineshii Ojibway Migisi Bineshii -- by Ojibway Migisi Bineshii: News and information about Aboriginal, First Nations, Indigenous and Native people worldwide from an Ojibway feminist perspective.

Crow logo for Kat of BitchCraft BitchCraft -- by Kat: Feminism, music, and geekiness, free of party lines or pontification.

Womanist Musings Masthead
Womanist Musings -- by Renee: Humanist, pacifist, womanist, deep deep voice against racism and classism -- thank god this woman is also raising children.

Carolyn Gage Carolyn Gage -- by Carolyn Gage: Lesbian-feminist plays, musicals, one-acts, and monologues


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you've ruined my day. I was hoping to go through a pile of snail mail I haven't opened in two weeks, but now I simply must check out your whole bloglist. I never heard of this celebration before - but once again I learn something new from you. Thanks so much for including me,
Mwaaaah! (Airkiss! - both cheeks), Sue

Anonymous said...

thanks Mags.I appreciate the publicity. I'd never heard of blogroll amnesty day.

kat said...

Thank you for mentioning me, Maggie!!

Ajijaak said...

Yes, thank you for mentioning me!!! :)