Friday, April 3, 2009


A mural in Ginny and Myra's neighborhood that the family refers to often, as in "I walked the dogs as far as the treed cat".

Here's a singular treat: A photo essay of Myra and Ginny's environs on Capital Hill in Seattle. For reasons of privacy, I won't share a photo of their actual house (old or new). But you'll recognize the shots below. All photographs courtesy of my extraordinary friend Martha.

Horizon Books, where Myra shops weekly when she's not ordering online from Powell's in Portland.

Interior of Horizon Books, showing the chair where Myra sits to browse through a stack of volumes she's thinking about buying -- as if she doesn't always wind up buying them all.

Rainbow Grocery, the natural foods store where Myra and Ginny buy any groceries they don't get at Pike Place or order directly from organic farmers.

The bulk bins at Rainbow Grocery. This is where Myra met up with Ginny once, back before they were dating, and ignored her in order to flirt with some young hottie. Silly Myra.

Casita, a little gift and clothing store near Broadway where Ginny shops frequently.

One of the displays inside Casita -- you can see why Ginny loves this place.

Coastal Kitchen, their favorite place to eat a celebratory dinner or order take-out before Carminati's was created.

"The pond" in Volunteer Park, where Myra and Ginny took their children and now the grandchildren to sail boats and feed ducks.

Inside the top of the Water Tower in Volunteer Park. This is where Myra made the decision, after Gil's death, which resulted in her recovery and the road to Ginny. She still goes here to think over tough issues.

Capital Hill from the top of the Water Tower.

The Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park. Ginny comes here all the time.

Sculpture in front of the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park. When Myra and Ginny split up on a trip to the park, they arrange a time to meet at the "big doughnut in front of the museum".

The apartments where Jane and Gillam, Carly and Eric lived when they first moved back to Capital Hill from Olympia.

The front of Margie and Frances's house. Carminati's is to the right, past a driveway.

Part of the back yard of Margie and Frances' house. The big window looks into the pantry area of their kitchen.

Ms. Schevitz's former house, across the street. It was painted red after she moved out; when she lived there, it was blue.

An alley near Myra and Ginny's house where they always go on walks, with the dogs or without. They like to browse from the grapevines.

Part of the embedded art in the sidewalk, created by Ginny and Co., which marks the spot where Ginny first kissed Myra.

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