Monday, June 29, 2009


Here's your weekly time-lapse video showing a fascinating natural event. Hat-tip to WordWeaverLynn for the original link, and Wired Science for the article which brought them all to our attention.

JAXA/KAGUYA Earth-Rise and Earth-Set image over the moon, created for YouTube by NnoxS3, who states:

HDTV movie here.

pic: Earth-Rise /set from about 380,000 km away Moon by Kaguya HDTV Cam on November 7, 2007(JST)

The EarthRise image Wide Shot taken from near the North Pole, and the Arabian Peninsula and Indian Ocean can be observed on the Earth.

The Earthset image Tele Shot taken from near the South Pole, and we can see the Australian Continent (center left) and the Asian Continent (lower right) on the Earth. (C) JAXA/NHK

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Blue said...

Watching this, or trying to, I was reminded of watching the great blue heron fishing when I was a little girl. I could sit there by the cove's edge while the tide came in, and with it, inching closer by the half-hour, the still, silent, focused heron.

Now I have to fast-forward.

However, I did find myself extremely fascinated, when I realized that I was lying here in my bed, on Earth, watching a video of myself, on Earth, from a zillion miles out in space... technology is marvelous.