Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Random thoughts from my life (copied over from FaceBook):

I hate it whenever one of my axe warriors gets killed. Especially when it's by one of those blue vishnu-esque cat creatures. Also, camel archers are nearly worthless.

I love the portable kitchen they use on the Scandivanian cooking shows. I'm not sure how they work -- what the power sourc...e is -- but they are brilliant about choosing settings in which to cook, and fearless about the weather.

Gold Bond powder really works.

It is far harder to find a woman on TV in a show or ad who has actual short hair than it was 30 years ago. Gender dimorphism is as pronounced as it was in the 50s -- and it's hard to believe in any current "gender theory" that doesn't begin with pointing that out as having entirely cultural rather than biological causes.

I was headed for archeology school the summer my partner of 5 years dumped me for a woman in our CR group. I wonder how happy I would have been as an archeologist, and if I would have gotten a radical political education without that brutal breakup.

Why are goats pupils so different? What's the evolutionary advantage?

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