Friday, March 5, 2010


(Konagod on day 2 after his injury, photo lifted from his blog)

Konagod, otherwise known as Sheldon's partner, is blogging about his injury and treatment as an examination of the health care system. He's a great writer and I read his blog regularly with pleasure. Check it out and send 'em both your best, okay?


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Acilius said...

With the Bobcat Goldthwaite "put down the camera" quote up the thought for the day, I assumed that the police had given Konagod that injury. When I clicked over and saw that he lives in Austin, I thought of my days as a grad student at UT and marveled that the Austin PD had roused themselves from their slumbers sufficiently to beat someone up. I never saw them exhibit that much dynamism back in the early-mid 90s when I was in town. So the world made sense again when I saw that the culprit was tequila.