Sunday, August 28, 2011



When you come out of stasis
the pain is bone and nerve
You want to dive back in, no
drenched and dripping apple tree
is worth this. But life is forward
if it is life at all. And now you find
a list of all you missed, the deaths
and exes who are happily married
The children who will not be yours
The books written better than you could
have attempted, the friends who moved
and have other friends now. You will
have to start over with less muscle and
no coin at all. Go ahead and breathe deep
the rest of tonight. You made the bed
you are standing up from. If you believe
in g*d, wrap her muslin around you. Other-
wise, keep moving and you'll stay warm.

Copyright Maggie Jochild, written 7:48 p.m. on 28 August 2011

1 comment:

Margot said...

Darling, this is near-perfection.

(I wanted a bed like that when I was a little girl. Actually, I still want it...)