Monday, November 21, 2011


My Thanksgiving plans are small-scale and in the comfort zone between avoidance and obligation. It was never a reliably "good" holday for my family, I care not for other folks' turkey nor any version of pumpkin pie, and since I had ancestors both at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock, I am not willing to forget what our arrival did to my other ancestors on this continent in the name of giving thanks.

So that day I will have my usual attendant care (they never get holidays and laughed gaily when I brought it up) and gladly not deal with family of origin. I plan to eat a midafternoon feastette of pot roast and gravy, mashed potatoes, spinach, cranberry jelly, and when I can return for dessert, pecan pie. Dinah is disgusted about the lack of a bird carcass but I will share freely of the pot roast, so she will get by somehow.

I do love cornbread stuffing, and REAL sweet potatoes (mashed with butter and cream, no sugar and jezus christ no marshmallows), and my Mama's cherry pie. If you want to drop any of those by, I'll eat some. Otherwise, I will bemoan the drek on TV and wait for Margot to get done with a regular workday for our impious skype. And be glad for the community I gathered for myself.

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