Monday, November 7, 2011


I just got to assist in preparing a meal for the first time in two years -- peeling garlic and shallots, adding them to Margot's bowl of halved new potatoes, beets and baby carrots, then assembling a dredge of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, dijon mustard, fresh-squeezed lime, cracked black pepper and sea salt. Once the veggies were coated, Margot put them in the oven to roast. We'll have them with ricotta and no doubt another cuppa. Communal dinner.

She's going to make me a steak tomorrow. In mornings it's toasted muffins with butter and marmite and strong tea, except M has one cup of coffee made in her espresso pot that she brought with her. Today's lunch was MoW for me (salisbury steak, mixed veggies, and whole spaghetti) and half an avocado, salad and havarti for M. We also roasted primo Texas pecan halves which I'd coated with tamari, until there are crunchy and what Margo declared to be vegetarian bacon. We had a hard time stopping eating the pecans.

Today I've also had my first Toffee Crisp, which I could easily become addicted to, and a Flying Saucer, which didn't at all taste as I thought it would but me likee. Tomorrow Smarties and Orange Club Biscuits, maybe.

The visit last night with Ixchel was fabulous. She brought Yucatan syle food. Mine was a burrito made with pork which had been braised in orange and achiote. Best burrito I ever had.

My crappy appetite of the past month has vanished, and Margot is also eating much more than usual. Let's just say we need the calories.

Dinah lets Margot pick her up and kiss her. I am gobsmacked, except of course Margot has that effect.

Margot is doing her Virgo thing on my chaotic apartment. I have named her Kitchen Librarian. As she roots through everything, we have a constant conversation. She found an old Wedgwood zodiac plate that belonged to Mama, among other treasures. Dinah either keeps her company, or sits on a chair Margot has placed by my bed, looking ectastic.

The smell of the roasting veggies is now filling our rooms. I am ravenous.


C. Diva said...

So THIS is where you're posting.

Maggie Jochild said...

Well, not only. I'm posting daily at FB too, including photos -- are you not seeing them?

Anonymous said...

Pix on FB? Not since the jammie dodgers Saturday.


Margot said...

Dammit! I left the vegetarian bacon in your fridge. At least that means you get to enjoy it; I'll make some of my own... how hot was the oven again?

There are also pistachios, don't forget.

I love you so much.

Maggie Jochild said...

Around 250 F but watch it closely, they burn easily. Oughta work with walnuts as well as pecans. You also left the Mexican chocolate and coffee. I can freeze the latter if you want it or give it away, get you something more to your taste for the next visit -- let me know. I love you, popkin.