Monday, May 21, 2012


Let's get this clear: If I disagree, in a fundamental way, with how you define MY identity and MY experience in an area where I am targeted for oppression, my right to disagree is not and can never be oppression of you. The conviction that I and my cohort must alter our definitions so YOU don't "have feelings" about the disagreement is a product of the patriarchy, a function of male conditioning, which stipulates those raised as girls must always accommodate and take care of the emotional needs of others FIRST. I know better, thanks to feminism.

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Jesse Wendel said...


a) beautiful. *is moved*

b) would you please re-write your one paragraph on feminism, to give an equivalent (one-paragraph) claim regarding disability?

I'd do it myself, however I'm not quite sure what some parts should appropriately be translated into -- for example, what 'patriarchy' & 'male conditioning' mean in
terms of people whom are disabled and disabled rights.

You, more than anyone I know, are the best writer I know at communicating these distinctions such that middle-class & upper middle-class folks grasp what the he'll you're talking about...and wrestle with, live with, engage with the distinctions.