Friday, November 9, 2012


I live in the bluest zipcode of the bluest city in Tejas. Some years it feels like Masada. But in 1992 I had the singular opportunity of voting for a President (Clinton), Governor (Richards), and Congresscritter (Maxey) who were all on the progressive end of the spectrum and who won their races, a first and last for me.

I am still represented in Congress by a good critter, Lloyd Doggett, whom the Rethugs are desperately trying to gerrymander out of existence. I remain bitter over Ann's defeat by Drunken Fratboy (with Alberto's cheats), and although I have twice now voted for Obama, I know he is definitely right of any rational center you can name. He will go on post-Presidency to be a lobbyist, I'm sure, and possibly much of his second term will involve decisions paving his way for that career.

However, I do smell a change in the air. The point of drinking koolaid, after all, is to die by the beverage, and living in airless echo chambers is taking its toll, at the very least on public perception. Zealots always cease to be the Kewl Kids eventually. I hope more and more of us simply ignore them and focus instead on real leaders. Like those at Occupy Sandy, and whoever prays along to the Bhagavad Gita when Tulsi Gabbard is sworn in.

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