Tuesday, December 4, 2012


(Margot doing the librarian vamp)
Another gourmand's lunch: Local hen-of-the-woods mushrooms (maitake) sauteed in lashings of butter, fresh angel hair pasta, sauteed mustard greens, and for me, a cod filet. When Scoutie came to lick clean our plates, she zeroed in on the mustard greens over anything else.

Jessica the nurse came and took a urine sample because the overfull Foley incident of a few days ago may have caused another infection -- some indications one has begun. I will have to monitor Debra more closely. Jessica was upset about it, but the standards (and training and pay) for attendants are not the same as those for nurses, despite patient needs being often identical.

I had nightmares last night, waking up at one point weeping because Margot is going to leave again and it is increasingly hard to bear the separation. We have no alternative, and we choose to stay fully open instead of guarded because we know the loss is the same whether you allow yourself to feel it all the way or not. M woke up enough to say "I have to go but I never leave you" which did not actually help, press herself against me which DID help, and after a few minutes I slept again.

Last night's possum was the first-year female I've called Pennines or Pennie. She looks in better shape than her putative brothers. She ate enthusiastically, washed her face, and watched us through the window. M did not approach her for a photo; I think we both suspected she would flee.

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