Thursday, November 21, 2013


(Needle and thread under a microscope)

Night before last, Scout was acting terrified and hiding constantly. We eventually narrowed the cause down to the work being done on the roof, which was very loud and involved power tools. She apparently thought monsters were burrowing down at us from above.

She did not emerge from seclusion until 8 pm, long after all the ruckus stopped. She scrambled urgently onto my bed then and threw herself at me. I held her close and reassured her lavishly, and we fell asleep together.

But I woke up about an hour later with sharp pain my my Foley area. This happens sometimes when I sleep and get into a weird position. I did all my usual tricks to adjust myself, and not only did nothing work, the pain got worse. Finally, at 10 pm, facing a night of it, I tried pain medication.

Even that did not cut through the deep ache. I spent the night hurting bad, sleepless, distracting myself with games, movies, and holding Scoutie. Waiting for Tammi's arrival at 8 am.

Which brought instant relief when Tammi discovered my Foley bag lying flat on the floor instead of hanging by the bed, and the tubing stretched taut, pulling as hard as it could against the inflated bulb in my urethra. Returning the bag to its regular place stopped the pain right away. I still had residual tenderness, however, not to mention physical exhaustion.

And in two hours, MaiTe was due to arrive to do my monthly Foley change.

It is with miraculous relief I can report that MaiTe, an RN of consummate skill, was able to change my Foley with the least pain I have ever experienced. Tammi, her helper, gave a soft "Whoa" when seconds after beginning the "hard part", MaiTe declared "All done!" We are talking about experience here, folks. I have had no hoohoo pain since, and had a fabulous long sleep last night.

And with the roof work done, Scout is also back to normal. Preparations for Margot's biannual visit continue, and I can think of little else.

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