Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today is frozen and gently grieving.  We have chosen to cook here at Casa de Jochild.  We are trying out the Jamie Oliver method of cooking chicken in milk with modifications suggested here and by a couple of friends who have tried it.  We added a dozen pearl onions to the milk, and deleted the cinnamon stick because we didn't have one.  It has turned out a beautiful result.
We used the leftover olive oil/butter from searing the chicken to fry my breakfast home fries, and those were extremely good.  And while the oven was on, we split a head of garlic, soaked it in olive oil and roasted it as well, to be saved in even more olive oil as our basic low-heat cooking oil.This house now smells like a garlic press.
Nursing visit postponed until Thursday because of icy roads.  I have more HHS forms to fill out and social service clarification calls to make that I am dragging my heels about because I am so fucking tired of begging and justifying my right to a poverty level of existence.  Think I’ll just eat chicken and listen to  Pete Seeger for a while.

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