Sunday, September 7, 2014


(Feminism 101, a.k.a. radical feminism, graphic created by Liza Cowan from statement by Deep Green Resistance.)

'Gender is to women what race is to people of color: the ideological construct that underlies our subordination as a class.' Note who is on the downside in this analogy: women and people of color. Yes, white people and men also suffer from the dehumanization of white supremacy and male supremacy, but they are not TARGETS of a systematic and institutionalized system and thus are not in any way equally oppressed.

And the oppression begins at birth, imprinted on us as reality, with our only recourse to accept our subordinate status or die. This is an experience that cannot be chosen or acquired later in life, and it is not available through chemicals or costuming. It is a lived experience, and to claim an equal reality can be reached by individual will is, in itself, woman-hating and/or white supremacist.

Thank you, Liza, for creating this graphic.  Please credit her and DGR when sharing this on.

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