Sunday, January 13, 2008


It's just one question: How many of the TV stars mentioned in the previous TV quiz were/are lesbian, gay or bisexual?

I'll need some sort of documentation for this (even persistent gossip will count), not just your wishful thinking. For bonus points, I'll accept the names of other members of the cast in the same show who were queer.

And for super-duper prestige points, answer the following:
Which show featured an actor whose daughter would later be lovers with Ellen Degeneres?

Answers are here. This will be updated as ya'll come up with folks I didn't know about.

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liza said...

And didn't we all wish that Diana Rigg aka Mrs Peel would come out? She was too cool.

Who remembers- "Emma, Emma Peel. Tough as leather strong as steel. Emma, my ideal. Better not mess with Emma."

Extra points from me if anyone can identify who authored that. Not you Maggie. I know you know.