Monday, January 14, 2008


("Princess"/Federation Commissioner Nancy Hedford)

Here's part two of the Boomer Quiz series (below the fold).

There will be no grading system for these quizzes, I created them just for the fun of it. Play it with your friends. The answers will be immediately available in case you're not so good with delayed gratification (as they claim about us).

Feel free to share, but give me credit, dammit. Copyright 2008 Maggie Jochild.

When you think of one, you'll likely think of the other. Match up each person in the first colum with their "cohort" in the second column.

Agent 99
Hugh Beaumont
Eddie Corbett
Elinor Donahue
Joey Heatherton
Chet Huntley
Claudine Longet
Jayne Mansfield
Julie Nixon

Barbara Billingsley
David Brinkley
David Eisenhauer
Billy Gray
Mickey Hargitay
Mrs. Livingston
Lance Rentzel
Spider Sabich
Maxwell Smart

Answers are here.
Bonus question: Which famous pair above produced an award-winning actress currently on a long-running TV drama?

All right, a challenge has been placed: Who gets your vote, Darlene the shiksa

or Annette, who had breasts earlier than the other girls?


shadocat said...

I got everything right in both quizzes 1 and 2---does that mean I'm smart, or just an incredible nerd?

Honey West, Mrs. Peel and Agent 99 were a few of my first female "facinations" (I couldn't admit to myself they were crushes back then); also Maggie Evans from "Dark Shadows".

If I have a fantasy gal now, it would be Mariska H.---even if she's straight (what a waste, huh?)

Maggie Jochild said...

Omigod, I forgot about Dark Shadows.

Honey West was one of those crushes that proved to me I was a lesbian as a child. I tried really hard to keep it under wraps. Annette Funicello, too.

The upside of having such limited pop culture representation (extremely male and white) is that we all got the same acculturation from TV. Hence, our proficiency at these quizzes, I think.

But yes, you ARE smart and you are a nerd, too!

liza said...

Annette? No, it was Darlene for me.

Maggie Jochild said...

I added a contest to this post, check at the end to participate.