Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today is the birthday of my dear friend, trail-blazer and artist extraordinaire, Liza Cowan. It's not possible for me to succinctly describe the effect she's had on my life. But -- I've been mentioning her in posts for a while, so I can refer you to those, beginning with my birthday biography of her last year at Maoist Orange Cake.

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Liza, a cyber adept, maintains THREE blogs: One for her art gallery, Pine Street Art Works; one for her personal art portfolio, Liza Cowan; and her latest, See Saw, about "Art, collecting, advertising, retail, architecture, public space, products, people. Wherever the ride goes." Her latest posts, about refrigerator advertising, are astute commentary on manipulation, hunger and need, masculinity/femininity, and how we got from There to Here. Please hop over to See Saw to wish her a Happy Happy, or do so in the comments here.

I dearly love you, Lize. For your vision, your tenacity, your self-love, your mothering, your eye, your belief in women, your insistence on constant growth, your abiding sense of humor, your brain as big as mine...the list is endless. May you live forever.

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Liza Cowan said...

Thanks Maggie. Your friendship means the world to me.