Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ginny Bates: The Shopping Spree at PSAW

(PSAW, 404 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont)

This is a follow-up to the previous chapter of my novel-in-progress, Ginny Bates, where Myra and Gina go to the Alison Bechdel/Phranc art show at Pine Street Art Works, the gallery of Liza Cowan, and buy a great deal of woman-produced or woman-managed art. The final tally is after the fold.

If you are already a familiar reader, begin below. If you need background, check the links in the sidebar on the right, fifth item down, to get caught up.


For Allie:
(Chickens in White Frame, painting by Liza Cowan -- for Allie, who reminisces often about her Nana's chickens)

For Edwina:
(Mad Beads, a bracelet for Edwina)

For Chris:
(Blue Rider, painting by Liza Cowan -- for Chris, of course)

For Sima:
(Mikie the Yeshiva Girl, photo by Liza Cowan -- for Sima, who thinks its a hoot)

For Gillam:
(A camera lamp by Christy Mitchell, photo by Liza Cowan -- for Gillam)

(Found Reference, by Cara Barer -- for Gillam, who says it pains him to look at a book treated this way, but still it is compelling)

For Margie:
(Paper Sculpture Flip Flops, by Phranc -- for Margie, who got the joke. Liza strongly urged them to have a lucite box made to store these in.)

(A FAKE! Leger Flashbag, by Liza and Flashbags -- for Margie)

For Carly:
(Tractor Seat chair by John B. Marius, for Carly -- he says it's more comfortable than it looks)

For themselves:
(Photo by Liza Cowan, to go in Myra's I mean their kitchen)

(Photo by Liza Cowan -- Myra says the L stands for Lesbian; she put this in their bedroom where it's the first thing she sees when she wakes up everyday)

(Tara with Cherries, by Liza Cowan -- again, Myra had to have this, and she wound up putting it in their bedroom as well)

Plus, for everyone they knew, a copy of Alison Bechdel's tour-de-force book, Fun Home.


Liza Cowan said...

Ah, the difference between fiction and fact. FictionalLiza says, thanks so much for all your purchases. ReaLiza says, "I wish."

In fact, many of those pieces are still for sale (some being limited editon prints) Some actually have sold, like the chickens in White Frame, which I love and was sad to see go, but it went to a good Dyke home.

Cara Barer, let me remind y'all is a Texas girl, like Maggie.

Thanks for linking to Flashbags. Those women rock.

So I'm going to go put the fictional money into my fictional bank account, and thank you all very much.

As for my real bank account, I've been spending the entire day trying to figure out how to get pay pal onto my blog. Sheesh.

Liza Cowan said...

Oh, and tell Gillam that Cara Barer finds books that are already pretty trashed to photograph, so she's not actually doing anything bad to a book in good shape.

I hear this comment all the time, by the way. Book lovers cringe to think that a book is being mistreated, as do I, but rest assured that Cara also loves books and takes very good care to be respectful of them.

Maggie Jochild said...

Gillam says "Whew". Being raised by Myra, books are sacred objects in that household. But profaning the sacred (when done for a reason) can be illuminating.

In a future chapter, Liza comes to Seattle for a visit. Keep your eyes peeled.