Wednesday, March 19, 2008


(Real place, in Austria)

Okay, this is going to be flat-out theft, but I can't write it any better than Sue Katz over at her Consenting Adult blog, so I'll link and beg her indulgence. Ya'll should be reading her stuff, anyhow. In her post entitled Can You Stand Some Good (Sex) News?, she writes:

Finally, to promote the European film industry, the European Union has spent 44 seconds of celluloid (click below) showing 18 couples carrying on, according to

"The lovers – fat, thin, straight, gay – are all humping and cumming – but a trembling egg yolk sitting on a piece of toast is for me one of the hottest images. There is even some toilet sex, before it wraps up with an idea that’s hard to argue with: 'Let’s All Come Together.' Disney, can you match it?"

It's a great video, so I'm embedding it below and yeah, Sue, I agree with you about the egg yolk.

(Poster available from the Chicago Women's Liberation Union Herstory Project)

Speaking of what ya'll should be reading: La Chola. Every day. Her Comment Policy begins "This site is an advanced RADICAL WOMAN OF COLOR FEMINIST site" and just this part alone is an education. Go here, open your ears, and get grown. Her posts on the front page right now include:

Media Justice: Seymour M. Hersh (about the anniversary of My Lai)

Two excellent posts about Obama and the Race Thang, obama picks up the race discussion and interesting religious differences

The brilliant for Allies: how “gender trumps race” plays out in the real world pt 2, which ends with the question: Do you see that even if 100% of all women of color prioritize race 100% of the time in their activism, the point is not to change women of color, but to change feminism? Because when women are under attack for ANY reason, that reason is ALWAYS gendered?

Her transcendant Media Justice: Writing, which begins with quotes by Hattie Gossett and Gloria Anzaldua (an excellent hint of what's to come)

The essential reporting in the criminalization of language

(A billboard altered in real life, not a Photoshop trick)

Chris Soghoian, author of the Surveillance State column at C/Net, has an article offering some handy tips on how to stop or reduce Dubya's government listening in on your private communications at The Day The Wiretaps Go Dead. He says:

"While there are so many scary things being done by intelligence and law enforcement, hope is not far away. Easy to use privacy technologies are upon us, and with them, comes a radical shift in the balance of power. As this article will explain, the scalable techniques with which the NSA, FBI and other agencies can spy on innocent Americans may soon be made useless - forcing them to go back to the old school (and labor intensive) black bag job."

We shouldn't make it easy for them to ignore our Constitution.


kat said...

um, so the sign saying "Fucking" is hysterical, but what's even better is that the thing underneath: "Bitte, nicht so schnell" means "Please, not so fast."!!!!!

Maggie Jochild said...

Ohmygod, Kat, you're right, that's hysterical! I had no idea, don't speak German. THX!

kat said...

no prob....I'm a big ole language nerd. these things make me happy...