Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm eschewing all those cliched versions of Irish culture. You'll get enough of that elsewhere. Today, I'm passing on three arts-related recommendations, in honor of the tremendous contribution Celtic culture has made to the world's creativity. Since my own background is overwhelming Celt, I'm particularly grateful.

(Satsu and Buffy in B-E-D.)

Buffy tries women.

Yep, for real. According to an article this weekend in the New York Times, "In a new issue of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” comic book series, being released Wednesday, Buffy sleeps with a fellow slayer. And, oh yeah, she’s a woman."

Read the article for details and comments from Joss Whedon. This is NOT Buffy coming out, it's just her and Satsu sleeping together. Still, I'm down wif it.

(From the fabulous Stella Marrs)

Ironic Sans has an interesting exploration of the art of courtroom sketch artists. Courtrooms are spaces where the digital age has been held at bay: No camera or videos are allowed, testimony is recorded by a stenographer typing entire syllables and words via a sophisticated but still manual keyboard, and our memories of OJ and Michael Jackson are from pencils and pastels. But these artists don't just draw for a living there, they have expressive lives in other genres. Nice to see. And nice to plug this blog with y'all, it's a goodie.

("Uninvited Advice", sculpture near Columbus Park in Stamford, Connecticut)

Below is People In Order, a wonderful short film by Lenka Clayton and James Price, showing people ages 1 to 100.

(Hat tip to Austin Kleon's always fascinating Tumblelog)


kat said...

Not only did I eschew all celebrations, I actively rail against stupid St. Patrick's day. If you're not Catholic AND Irish, why should you care?? And yes, it's a catholic saint's day, so in my view, you do have to be both to get into St.P's.D.

Celeste and I both blame the Vatican for the abso-fucking-lutely awful experiences that we both had while trying to deal with transportation in SF. There was a giant parade or something. It took me an hour to drive from the 9th street exit from the bridge to Market and Van Ness (that's all of 4 longish blocks.) Celeste was subjected to all the bus and MUNI routes being stopped or changed with no notice.....

gah....damned vatican.

oh and you know what? St. Patrick's day wasn't even yesterday! They had to move it so it wouldn't conflict with Holy Week! I guess "high holy days" trump saints days or something...

Jesse Wendel said...

Go Buffy Go!

(And if Joss kills yet another Lesbian, that would be very, very bad.)


Maggie Jochild said...

I remember the nuttiness of SF on that holiday, yes, Kat. It was once a big Irish town. The ferry building campanile at the end of Market Street used to play Londonderry Air at noon.

And Jesse, yeah, I read in the interview with Joss that he didn't know, before the reaction to Tara's shooting, that lesbian characters in mainstream fiction usually get killed off. His ignorance was his excuse, and while ignorance is definitely part of the problem, since it's him, I'll grant it. 'Cause he learns from EVERYTHING, you know? (Like some of us...)

kat said...

ugh.....the best, though?

The green hats that we kept seeing on drunk girls said "Heineken" on them....celebrating an Irish holiday with german beer.....great!

yeah, I remember reading that the Castro was a totally Irish neighborhood until the 40's or mid-50's.