Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've given up on Daily Kos, where woman-hating earns you snickers and advancement, except for stopping by twice a week to read Bill in Portland Maine (start your own blog, Bill, and get us all off the hook.) However, in my skip down the page yesterday, I noticed a poll posted by Meteor Blades which asked: Who do you assign the title of Worst President Ever?

Of the 15 choices offered (including "Other"), guess who was not on the list?

Kos's HERO in the 80s, Ronald Reagan. The architect of scorched earth neoconservatism from which Dubya was spawned.

So much for learning from the past, eh, folks? And yeah, tell me again why I should trust your slobbering enthusiasm for a new "He will show us the way" candidate?

They've jumped the shark. I'd say remember, you heard it here first, but I'm not the first, it's being said quietly many places.


Anonymous said...


I would suggest that Meteor Blades considers Ronald Reagan one of the worst presidents ever, and simply had a brain fart.

While I admit the herd mentality often rears its ugly head at DKos, Meteor Blades is an independent thinker. His is one of the sharpest and most engaged brains I know.

To suggest that this is some pro-Reagan conspiracy between Meteor and Markos is a little silly. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that they rarely even communicate.

By the way, a week ago, in my "who won the week" poll, I also had a major brain fart, forgetting to include two obvious choices. It happens.

But thanks for the shoutout for C&J.

--Bill in Portland Maine

Maggie Jochild said...

Bill, I seriously appreciate you reading and commenting. It's immensely useful information, and:

I stand corrected.

I trust BiPM, ya'll. So, like Emily Littella says, "Never mind."