Friday, May 23, 2008


SPOILER ALERT: If you've not yet watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, do not jump to after the fold.

Turbulence and 'tude.

More passionate, reciprocal, full-out woman on woman mouth kissing between two surgeons. Headin' for bed.

MAJOR plotline involving MAJOR characters on a MAJOR series. Choke on it, Buchanan.

Okay, being a dyke-feminist, I have to point out a few things:
(1) They were given the "male stamp of approval" by McSteamy the Man Whore, who even gave Callie the final push. Yeah, like that's SO going to happen. I mean, I believe more than most in the power of redemption, recovery, and utter change, even for sexual compulsives (hello?), even for men conditioned to think that's their only hope for human connection. But it takes more than a week. More than a year, to be honest.
(2) It was sandwiched in between several descents into less than rational lust, which of course is Grey's stock in trade, not arguing that. But they could not let it stand on its own.
(3) We had to have Erica dressed down publicly by the Chief first, so she wasn't her completely full of piss and power self.

Still -- it was an intelligent lead-in with the comparison to the adolescent pressure situation and the admonition about "hating yourself if you don't do what you know is right for you". Making it a choice, and a self-loving one.

Here's my predictions:

(a) If they are going to retire the character of Erica Hahn, they'll use the Chief's shape up or ship out lecture as a pretext why -- i.e., she wants to cut into hearts, not teach the Yangs of the world.
(b) Christina and Meredith will have some lesbian panic of their own when they find out, wondering if their closeness will be misconstrued by the testosteroni-treat hunks around them.
(c) Unless T.R. McKnight puts his foot down, firmly (don't whine about this one, kiddo, insist on your due as an actor), they'll have George O'Malley react by doing something stupid. Like hopping into the sack with Lexie. Another rebound.

And, here's another interesting note. It's about four hours since this episode aired, and I've been fishing through Google images, other search engines, and YouTube for either a still or a clip of the two of them together. Nada. I find this very unusual.

Despite all the above, I have to say, my favorite character remains Miranda Bailey. Her going home with her baby boy really got to me. She's the strongest, most complicated, intelligent, responsible woman character we've seen in eons on a drama, they need to give her more room, even in that hothouse cast. It's her turn for an Emmy.


shadocat said...

Yeah baby, indeed!That kiss was worth waiting the 2 hours for.

I finally got my S/O to watch "Grey's" with me last night, and now safe to say, she is hooked.

letsdance said...

Another Grey's fan, Maggie?? Me, too.

Liza Cowan said...

Miranda's my favorite,too. Then Christina, then Callie, then Izzy, but partly because Katherine Heigl was in Roswell, which I also loved because it was about aliens and it was good.

That kiss was great. I started cheering. Yay for them. And for us.