Sunday, July 6, 2008


Below is one AP news report after Dara Torres blazed through the 100 meter win, which begins okay but then they have to fucking ask Michael Phelps the Moron what he thought about it, and he (piqued that he didn't get all the attention that night) had to take a cheap shot. Which of course gets reported back to her, and she has to deal with it. Folks, we have to protest and STOP this crap kind of reporting. This woman is a phenomenon, leave whiny Michael out of it.

The videos showing her 100 meter and 50 meter swims have not yet made it to YouTube or anywhere else on the web that I can find. When they do, I'll post them here.


shadocat said...

I get that attitude from younger male coworkers all the time, and I'm so sick of it (you HAVE a mother,and she ain't me!)

BTW--Dara Torres: Oh the hotness!

Maggie Jochild said...

Yeah, Shado, I'm beginning to think that Gen X and Y have SERIOUS mother issues. It's all our fault, doncha know?

kat said...

Hey! I'm gen Y (I guess.....)!

VernaSmith said...

Dara-- congratulations on getting the silver in the relay... show them well, that you are made of better and 'sterner'stuff.

Again, congratulations!!