Saturday, July 12, 2008


Of pressing importance to those of us who identify as feminist and are planning to attend the Netroots Nation event this week here in Austin: The online agenda has the Feminist Caucus placed opposite the Latino and African American Caucuses at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. Given how race and sex have been pitted against one another under the patriarchy and particularly in this election, this is either very, very stupid planning or a perpetuation of the attempt to paint all feminists as white middle-class women.

My sisters and brothers, we cannot allow this to keep us apart. Earlier sessions that day include Moms, Youth, and GLBTQ Caucuses at 1:30, and Women's, Dads Caucuses at 3:00, neither of which should compete with Feminists or POC either. Therefore -- I propose we meet as the Feminist Caucus (all genders, races, classes) at the 12:00 lunch session. Let's order sandwiches from Thundercloud Subs (I'll give them a heads-up if I see agreement here) and start the conference off in solidarity.

Please pass the word, to any blog you can. They cannot take away our power if we don't allow them.


Liza Cowan said...

Sheesh! I hope you've sent this around.

Ian Welsh said...

Speaking from experience with the Netroots/Ykos folks I'd say you are 99.9% safe in assuming it is a mistake, not ideologically based. They aren't very good at such details.

Sue Katz said...

As always, you seem to be providing needed insight and leadership. Wish I were joining you there, but alas, I'm stuck on the east coast.

Maggie Jochild said...

Thanks, Ian, that's a relief to hear. It's been such a hard year for lifelong feminist Democrats.

And thanks for the support, Liza and Sue. I keep thinking you two should meet. Sue, Liza Cowan (THE Liza Cowan, think the Liza of Alix Dobkin's songs and also publisher of DYKE Magazine) now runs a fabulous art gallery in Burlington, VT called Pine Street Art Works. I know the East Coast is huge, but if you're ever going to be in Burlington, you should stop by Liza's galley and say hi. You seem to have a great deal in common.