Friday, September 5, 2008

Crip Ward Tango Post at Group News Blog, Video Here

Actual Lives at H Street Theater in Washington, DC, June 2004 (Actual Lives at H Street Theater in Washington, DC, June 2004: L-R, Danny Saenz, Franky Ramont, Maggie Jochild, Mike Burns, Laura Griebel, Cindy Massey, Terri Stellar, and Rand Metcalfe)

I've got a new post up at Group News Blog concerning my writing of Crip Ward Tango for Actual Lives.

But just for Meta Watershed readers, I've located a short video online taken by Gene Rodgers which has small excerpts from our/my performance at the 2004 VSA International Arts Conference mentioned in my post. Adam Griebel doing his "Frankenstein" part of Crip Ward Tango is near the end; also included is a small segment of my "Dignity" performance, the text of which can be found here.

Unfortunately, during the opening where we are performing the "Good Cripples' Oath", Gene is narrating and you miss the dialogue. Still, it's a fun view.


Jenonymous said...

Maggie--can you please repost the Good Cripple's Oath either here or at GNB? Would love to see it again. You rock and THANKS!

Maggie Jochild said...

Jen, I don't have the copyright on it and I think it's still being used in performance, which means I don't feel comfortable putting a complete version online. I did synopsize it once, however, in a comment I made at (guess where) Group News Blog, and you can get the gist from that by going here and looking for my comment.

drbopperthp said...

The Doctor am donatin' some dollaz to Maggie Magnificent

Jesse Wendel said...

Beautiful performances.

I would have LOVED to have seen any of them all the way through. (I noted we got a glimpse of the tampon skit. Cracks Me UP.)

Jesse Wendel said...

Oh, while I haven't yet posted my ADA reports from the DNC, it's interesting that I actually did part of the Good Cripple's Oath LIVE on Tuesday Night, down on the floor of the convention.

I'll try and remember to post about it when I'm talking about ADA access from the DNC part.

My ADA posts are at least two -- The Big Tent, the DNC/DNCC, and maybe a third one called Conclusions or something like that.

'Cause it's been over a week now, and the ADAness of it all is still rattling around, big-time.