Wednesday, May 27, 2009


(Liza Cowan self portrait, January 2007)

Today the amazing Liza Cowan turns 60! One of the finest women I've ever known, and an extraordinary friend, she has played a huge role in me being as independent and fulfilled as I am.

I mark her birth every year with a post, and I'll refer you back to last year's commemoration for links and biography plus.

Happy, happy Liza Bean. As with everything else you do, you make growing older something for me to anticipate. Love to you always.

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liza said...

Thanks Maggie Bean. Your post means the world to me.

I'm spending the day working, going to a parent/teacher conference and, finally, out to dinner with my little family.

I can't figure out how to react to 60. It seems so old, yet my childhood seems not so far away. Wierd.

I love you. Lize