Sunday, April 3, 2011


Ellen Marie Bissert founded 13th Moon in 1973, a feminist journal which developed into a prominent literary publication, featuring such authors as Adrienne Rich, Eve Merriam, Marge Piercy, Rochelle Owens, and Audre Lorde. In 1977 she published a volume of her poetry, The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Dyke. It contained many culture-shaping poems, including the following:


romeo couldn't come
& god is a stupid ass with a limpleaking prick
that's why i need to be some poet
i never got invited to the prom
but got hot on Nothingness & did the polka with my dog
i blame my tubercular father who died before he could remember my name
my married lovers who could've loved me if i looked beautiful
& my monkey-faced analyst who needed me to be screwed
i don't give a shit if sperm freezes over
i'll die alone & dig it
loving a woman in a black leather jacket
& walking into The Duchess with my polka-dot tie & lace shirt
this is my life & now i ask everyone to dance

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