Thursday, November 15, 2012


Eddie came and took me through a rigorous round of upper and lower body resistance exercises while explaining to me the rules of craps, one of the few games I've never played. Scout had to be locked in the bedroom for this as she goes gonzo over the Therabands and my exposed feet.


Tammi had a cooking marathon, making wholegrain/flax/blueberry pancakes to be reheated for the next several days; steamed Yukon Gold potatoes; and Indian-spice-marinated pork cutlet for my dinner tonight. We already have stewed tomatoes and home-poached chicken for lunch today. Plus I get to have my weekly banana for dessert, a real treat.


I bought FortiFlora from the vet yesterday as it is making Dinah eat whatever it is sprinked on; she cleared out a bowl of W/D kibble last night. She will not touch the probiotics I already had. This new stuff costs $1 a day but at the moment I will delay another bill to get food inside her. She and Scout double-teamed to wake me up an hour early today, in part by squabbling over the damned empty bowl.

I created a Wish List of stuff I need and stuff I want, will post it at my blog.  This seemed like a good visalization counter-balance to all the end-of-life documents Marj and I are preparing.  I plan to go on living, and might as well daydream about what that could include.

Two weeks from today, Margot will arrive...

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