Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Nursing visit for the week is done. We discussed the logistics of me getting a shingles vaccination, esp since I reacted so badly to chickenpox at age nine. Will ask the doc for it tomorrow at her visit. Pushing hydration has helped with the allergy-med change. Jessica also suggested I ask for another Nanci visit to get the skinny on this latest social service offer; so many of the state-sponsored plans in Tejas have unforeseen drawbacks, and Gilead's caseworker extraordinaire knows all the stuff nobody else warns you about.

Also powered through PT with Eddie. Sat up and got back prone unassisted; remaining sitting for 15 minutes before pain overswept me. I'm now trembling uncontrollably and feel chilled, but triumphant. Scout came again to gape at me sitting; she will have a seizure once I become any form of mobile.

MoW delivered lunch during PT. Today is burger day with ranch beans and a peach crisp. One of their down-home meals. I won't feel like eating for at least an hour, however. Usually all I can manage after PT is a bottle of water and a pain pill, followed by an abrupt nap. Later this afternoon will be more social service calls. I am up next week for recertification for both nursing and physical therapy. Inch by inch, row by row....

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Margot said...

You certainly earn your keep My Goddess!