Friday, November 23, 2012


(Scout headshot 14 November 2012)

Scout continues to be Very Interested in my insulin injections and glucose testing. I allow her to sniff of the Flexpen or the alcohol swab (the latter drawing a grimace and head shake), and I give her the discarded needle caps to play with as I slide the needles into sharps containers. But the actual injections require her to remain at a sterile distance, and she finds this hard cheese indeed.

So in the last several days, she has developed the routine of running to her handball court as I dial up the dose with an enticing series of clicks, then racing back as a streak of orange over the end of the bed and up my leg to my belly as the needle goes into me. She gets just close enough to whip out a velvety paw and tap the top of my hand, counting coup, before zooming back off the bed too fast for me to react. She repeats this for the second inkection, and on skidding back to an unreachable zone, she grins at me defiantly, having scored what appear to be ultimate kitten points.

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