Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Zach the new volunteer grocery shopper from Meals On Wheels accidentally bought dried cranberries instead of fresh cranberries, so I wasn't sure how to prepare them. I dumped the bag into a saucepan with half a cup of orange juice plus the chunks of a peeled Clementine and simmered it together for half an hour, until the liquid was absorbed. Seriously, this is the best cranberry relish I've ever tasted!

Tammi (my morning attendant) and I also just put together Yukon Gold mashed potatoes; sweet potatoes simmered in cream and butter before mashing; and stuffing made with stale whole-grain conrbread, roasted pecans, spicy sausage, water chestnuts, scallions, tons of garlic, Win and Sheldon's lemon sage, one egg, and some hot beef broth.

Tomorrow's final feast with include pot roast, salad, and a coconut cream pie. All in small portions but it will still be a glycemic hit. However, one of the (many) pleasures about not having to share an unpleasant holiday with family is that I can eat the protein and pie of my choice, with sides as I like 'em. While watching the national dog show nekkid, feeding a kitten from my plate, and no social service visits guaranteed all day. Crip heaven!

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