Wednesday, December 19, 2012


(Maggie and Scout, 30 November 2012)

Last night in the nether dregs I awakened and reached for Margot, but encountered only bedrail. I lay desolate for a few seconds, then whistled for Scout. No sound. I whistled again, and still no movement.

I said aloud into the dark, "Scoutie, I'm lonely, would you care to cuddle?" Within a minute she appeared on my belly, blinking in the cross-eyed way she does when she has just woke up. I held out my arms and she flopped herself onto my chest, wedging her head under my neck and starting a loud rumble. I thanked her and we dropped back off.

I tried resuming PT with Eddie today but half a set of the lower body exercises sent pain spikes into my urethra, so we backed off that and stuck to upper body work. The current Foley is not what we usually prefer, with a bulb that is a third the size Jessica recommends, so I may need to maintain status quo until around January 6th when I'm due for my next Foley change.

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