Saturday, December 22, 2012



Yesterday I got a package and as soon as I saw it was from Amanda, I began whispering "Please, please, let it be stollen!" And it was, a perfect golden loaf of it. I just had a toasted slice spread with cream cheese. Absolute solstice heaven.

The only time I've been to New England was several years ago to visit Amanda in Boston, via a ticket she sent me. It was a trip filled with adventure and golden memories, and I've written a lot about it. One perfect morning there was spent with me sitting at her kitchen table as she put together stollen, still in her adorable pajamas, while we talked some about Buffy, etc. I got a glimpse that day of her people, her childhood, and stollen became an item without which midwinter was not complete.

Our best friends, the ones we are meant to have, give us unlimited delight. My inner being alights when I think of Amanda. I never get enough of her mind, her worldview, her backstory. I am lucky to know her.

And the stollen is simply delicious proof of her love.

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