Monday, December 17, 2012


My fundamentalist cousin's email today was another multi-forwarded thing crowded far over to the right margin by all the sending on (copy and paste is beyond their skillset, apparently). I confess I did not read it thoroughly, but the baseline document appeared to be a rant about how Target stores would not allow something Christmas-related to be advertised because the store had an official policy to only support LGBT and Muslim causes. They quoted some corporate newsletter allegedly stating this policy. Someone on the email list had taken the trouble to look it up on Snopes and refute this as a hoax, sending it back out to all the recipients of the previous email. The third response was a diatribe about how Snopes was run by queers and liberals, and nothing they said could be trusted, and therefore this proved the Target story must be true.

The whole thing reeks of such fear. They live in fear and misery.

And some part of me thinks her adding me to this list may be rationalized in her mind as trying to "save" me, but down at the deepest level, it's a cry for help. I am not going to help her, my priorities are elsewhere, but it's no problem for me to read the anguish and silently wish her well before going on to where I actually can be effective. And to note that someone else on that list is not drinking the koolaid.

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